Established 2019

Building The Bluegrass was established in Lexington, KY in 2019 by Joey Svec, Adam Cramer, and Brad Boaz. Together they blended industry lines to create a multidisciplinary firm with Christ-like service. The firm combined Real Estate, Construction, Landscape, and Design to provide unparalleled service to their clients so that God’s name would be known. Brad and Joey grew up knowing each other in Lexington and reunited at the University of Kentucky where they both graduated with a degree in Landscape Architecture. From there they both pursued a career in the field. Brad stayed local at CMW and Joey went out to work at several national and international firms. Upon returning to Lexington in 2011, Joey worked at a local firm for five years as a Landscape Architect while obtaining a real estate license on the side in January 2015. In 2017 Joey transitioned into full-time real estate and by 2018 he obtained a brokerage license. With deep roots, Brad and Joey always felt the tug to run a business together but the time never presented itself until BTB was founded in 2019