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Celli (Ch-ell-e) Mowery, a native to Indiana, found Lexington her home after a corporate transfer in
2015. Here she founded LexRents, which holds a focus on building and designing vacation homes
highlighting the nature of Southeast Kentucky.

Studying Business Administration at Purdue University and with a successful career in automotive
finance sales, she found real estate to be her passion after renovating many homes due to numerous
corporate transfers between her or her husband. The Joanna Gaines of her era, she always chose the
worst house in best neighborhood to create the wealth found in home ownership through renovation.

Once firmly rooted in Lexington, with encouragement from friends and family, LexRents has evolved
from property flipping and short term rentals to partnering with Building The Bluegrass in designing your
family vacation home just a short drive from Lexington, nestled amongst the waters of Wood Creek Lake
in London, Kentucky.

In her free time you can find her perfecting her mother’s favorite Italian recipes for friends and family to


 3320 Clay Mills Rd., Lexington, KY 40503  



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